Making New Ideas Easier

about us

We are a digital design & media presence agency

Our work is design lead, digital presence engineering. We guide  the tried and tested through the doubts about the modern world and introduce new ways of doing things without the usual discomforts associated with change. 



What we do

We design processes and build systems. We give you the tools to reach a digital marketplace. 

We find new ways to do things and work with people to ensure that change is welcome.

We coach and train. We’ll stay beside your teams for as long as they need us.

Our aim is to make new ideas and the change they bring look good and feel good too.

We’ll look after the tech stuff and let you concentrate on getting your message out to your customers.


Process Design

New ideas bring new ways to do things which can bring challenges all of their own. We make change manageable.

Web Presence

From a single page that says hello to a catalog of widgets, your web presence is the most important sales tool you have.


Web Hosting. Dedicated Servers. VPS. Cloud Servers. Shared & Professional WordPress Hosting. Ready to go in minutes.

Social Media Management

Learn how to tell your tale and sell on social media or engage with our media management team.


A brand isn't just a logo. Today's brand has to fit many boxes and look fantastic in them all.

Web Apps

Blog, CMS, CRM, Cloud Storage, eCommerce, eLearning, Games, Marketing, Project Management, Wiki & much more besides.


Selected Client Work

Website: News, Events, Members

A bold statement site built to accommodate: News, Events, Web Store, Membership, Newsletters & Fundraising

Website: Ecommerce

Alternative street-ware label. Large catalog publishing to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

website: listings

Created for Gravesham Pride CIC. Local business listings and classified directory for LGBTQ+ communities.

Looking for an awesome design for your web presence?

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